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Artist Joel Biza

Dear art lovers,

We got to know South Africa in 2014 and have been there several times since. It is a very beautiful country. The flora and fauna, but also the people really appeal to us. In 2020 we were in the artists’ village Fransschoek. In Fransschoek we got to know Joel Biza. Joel exhibited there and we immediately noticed that this artist had special qualities. His work was very special in terms of color combinations and techniques. We asked Joel if we could visit his studio. This very friendly man then took us to his house. There we were surprised by paintings that were even better than what we had seen in Franschoek. We then bought two paintings from him. We exchanged our details and kept in touch afterwards.

Joel was born in Congo and is 42 years old. He wanted to be an artist when he was only 5 or 6 years old. His parents didn’t think that was a good idea, because money had to be earned once in a while. That would not work as an artist was their opinion. When Joel got out of school, he continued his sentences. He has had his training with several renowned artists. His main master was Guillaume Makani. A well-known artist in Congo who exhibits in several places. When Joel first came into contact with Makani, Makani asked Joel what he could do. After Joel made a few paintings, Makani concluded that he couldn’t teach Joel anything. He was allowed to work for him. Joel went to paint for Makani and Makani then signed it to sell it. In this period Joel also once won a competition which was organized by the WHO (World Health Organization). With that money he was able to buy a piece of land for his parents in the Congo where they could build a house. It concerned a competition in which a calendar of 12 prints had to be provided. For each month 1.

Because Joel saw no future for himself in Congo, he moved to South Africa. That is how he came to the artists’ village Fransschoek. As said, we met there. The contact between Joel and us has grown into a friendship. Even more than that. We also started working together. We have built a gallery in Giethoorn (Netherlands) to exhibit his amaizing art.

Joel has a very diverse way of working. Figurative, abstract, assignments, landscapes, animals (especially the big five), it doesn’t matter. What is special is that many of Joel’s works have a story. Joel uses different techniques. It is a feast for the eyes. He knows how to deal with color very well, but can also make the most beautiful paintings in shades of gray or black and white. It is always a surprise when he has made something again. Both in subject matter and in execution. We regularly go to South Africa. Then it is always a joy to meet Joel again and to see him busy with his works. This man deserves a podium worldwide. We’re going to help him get that done. We hope that our story has made you curious and that you want to visit our gallery.

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