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Welcome to the website of Kunstgalerie Afrika, the art gallery in Giethoorn, Netherlands. This is our story:

Dear art lovers,

We got to know South Africa in 2014 and have been there several times since. It is a very beautiful country. The flora and fauna, but also the people really appeal to us. In 2020 we were in the artists’ village Fransschoek. In Fransschoek we got to know Joel Biza. Joel exhibited there and we immediately noticed that this artist had special qualities. His work was very special in terms of color combinations and techniques. We asked Joel if we could visit his studio. This very friendly man then took us to his house. There we were surprised by paintings that were even better than what we had seen in Franschoek. We then bought two paintings from him. We exchanged our details and kept in touch afterwards…

Joel Biza -Art Gallery Giethoorn Kunstgallery Afrika

Click here for more about Joel and our story together.

Enjoy the colourful, often big and impressive, artworks of Joel Biza.

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